Thursday, January 19, 2012

Nothing says Happy Birthday, than a gift that was custom made just for you.

Good Morning  - I was asked to create a quilt for a client who's mom has a birthday coming up, His words were "nothing major"...then one night i guess he couldn't sleep and he decided to look at quilt pictures online...Next morning I get an email asking if I can make a Celtic Quilt for her?  After going back and fourth and him showing me some of the pictures he found... We came up with a plan.... This is the design I came up with for his mom.  Can't wait to start this project... This quilt top has over 350 pieces in it and I can already tell, It will be one of my most favorites to date.  When the top is all done, i will also embroider a birthday message to his mom from him....I can guarantee, she will cherish this for years and years to come!!! -  Kimberly  (I created the design below with Quilt Pro)

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