Saturday, January 21, 2012

My Oldest Daughter turned 8 last week and her gift was....

For my daughters 8th birthday we decided to give her a "big girl" room... we repainted the room with the colors she wanted (i'm shocked to say how much i love it)...Now we didn't just let her loose in the paint store...what i did was took her to Joann fabrics and let her pick her most favorite fabric that she loved....those are the colors that we painted her room...

To add to her painting the room, my awesome husband is going to make her a beautiful captains bed and shelves and a new desk area...I am going to be doing all the quilts, pillows, blankets, curtains etc.  If it's fabric....I'm making it LOL...

Anyway, she wanted to be apart of the design of her we sat her down with us at Quilt Pro last night and came up with something she loves with her fabric she picked.

This is the drawing of her quilt. (which since today is a snow day - I will get most of it cut and start sewing today hopefully) She picked this design because they look like "Puppy bones)

I hope everyone has a great day!!!!  It's our "first" major snow day this winter.

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