Friday, March 23, 2012

Beautiful Baby Girl quilt

A customer asked me to make a quilt for her sister who is pregnant, when we were walking thru the fabric store, she stopped and looked up at a quilt and said, "I would like something like that for my sister in those kinds of colors"..... So i went online and found an AWESOME deal for 40 precut 5 inch squares of patchwork fabric....As i was shopping in a store, i came across the backing and sashing....I purchased 4 yards of it without showing the customer ...I came home and she loved it, turns out her sister spent some time in France, and some of the sayings on the back were in it was a hit :-)

It really came out cute - she wanted the baby's name on it somewhere and she would cover it up so no one at the shower saw the name (the parents are keeping it a surprise)... so in the top left corner on the back, i embroidered a heart with the baby's name in it.  The shower was this past Sunday, so i couldn't post any pics of it until that was over...I got a message from the Mom-to-be, that she loved it :-)

Here are a few pictures, i blurred out the baby's name so still only the "parents-to-be" and her sister, know it :-) 

Thursday, March 22, 2012

What can you do with a washcloth?

I saw this idea from a friends FB page, but i added some embellishments to it to make it my own :-)

This is an awesome idea - You take a simple store bought washcloth and turn it a personal travel companion...This one in particulars is geared towards kids, but you could certainly use it in Guest Rooms with the persons who is staying initials and make it personal that way...Or simply leave it blank.  I put a toothbrush, deod., q-tips, and toothpaste in it...  it came out VERY cute.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Applique and Embroidered Shirts

Good morning - I've been very busy lately, As another "Holiday" approaches,  (more like the Holy day for us Irish Folks LOL), I have been seeing alot of Green in the stores....  I as i picked up 2 shirts to put in my cart, I realized - I'm sure 100000 other little kids are going to be wearing the same shirts...    If it is one thing i am learning, is that I am "unique" LOL)...I don't want  my girls to look like all the other kids.... Here is what i did.....

I picked up 2 plain white shirts for $3.99 a piece, went home,  Looked for some design on the internet ( I am a frequent shopper at (Hoping that is it) had some left over Irish fabric from a few quilts I made...and the idea was born.  I embroidered Towels a few weeks ago, why not do it on clothes...   My girls went to school today wearing something I created and i can promise that no one else will have the shirts they do.  

Have a great  Friday everyone!!!!

This is the shirts i picked up...just ordinary white plain shirts.

After the design got put on...LOVE how it came out!

This is how my girls went to school today :-)