Friday, March 16, 2012

Applique and Embroidered Shirts

Good morning - I've been very busy lately, As another "Holiday" approaches,  (more like the Holy day for us Irish Folks LOL), I have been seeing alot of Green in the stores....  I as i picked up 2 shirts to put in my cart, I realized - I'm sure 100000 other little kids are going to be wearing the same shirts...    If it is one thing i am learning, is that I am "unique" LOL)...I don't want  my girls to look like all the other kids.... Here is what i did.....

I picked up 2 plain white shirts for $3.99 a piece, went home,  Looked for some design on the internet ( I am a frequent shopper at (Hoping that is it) had some left over Irish fabric from a few quilts I made...and the idea was born.  I embroidered Towels a few weeks ago, why not do it on clothes...   My girls went to school today wearing something I created and i can promise that no one else will have the shirts they do.  

Have a great  Friday everyone!!!!

This is the shirts i picked up...just ordinary white plain shirts.

After the design got put on...LOVE how it came out!

This is how my girls went to school today :-)

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