Thursday, January 19, 2012

Crochet anyone????

I saw a few pictures of beautiful afghans in a catalog that was mailed to me....and I knew right then and there that this is something I MUST learn to do... My good friend Liz is going to teach me how to Crochet....I think somewhere down the line, I must have developed OCD...There is a Afghan that i HAVE to make and I will not stop until i do it.

Here are a few pictures of a (few I would like to accomplish)

The 1st and 3rd picture are the ones I MUST do, however I think the 2nd  might be easier to learn with...I sent these pictures to my friend and I am anxiously waiting to see if she thinks any can be done by me as a first crochet afghan...WISH ME LUCK!!!  

( I would love to give credit to those who made the beautiful  creations, but i have no idea who made them)

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