Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A New Year - becomes a new me

Welcome to my blog... Today is January 17th, a little over a month ago, I launched my business, I haven't created a website yet, but i have put it on Facebook ( I will have to figure out how to link this and my FB page.)  I have been creating Quilts for people for about a year, and over and over i hear, do you have a card???  You should start a business....so here we are :-)

I am going to post a bunch of pictures of most of my quilts and other things that i have done for clients...Please feel free to take a look and leave a post or 2 and hopefully i will be able to post patterns and quilts on here for sale (still in the learning process of blogs)  Anything you see can be re-created to fit your liking, colors, size, style etc....  That is the best thing about my business, most of what I do, is custom.  People ask for prices all the time...truth is, it all depends on what exactly you want me to create for you.  Have a great day!!!

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  1. I cant wait till I see some come this way! No pressure!!